Fundraising Letters

                                                                                                      April 15, 2012         

Dear Friends and Family,


It is hard to believe another year has passed and it is time to prepare for the Great Strides walk to cure cystic fibrosis.

Our family has had a difficult year to say the least.  Renee lost her job in May and has been unable to find another one.

Our main concerns were keeping our house and paying for Hannah’s meds.  With the switch from Renee’s insurance to Tom’s, we found ourselves facing $700.00 in co-pays per month.  Luckily Children’s turned us onto the Ohio Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps.  BCMH covers anything our insurance doesn’t; it was a small miracle to us.


As you can see by her picture, Hannah looks amazing.  You would never know what is going on inside her body.  She never misses a treatment even though the entire process takes over 30 minutes.  In July the Docs found a spot on her liver.  They say it is nothing to worry about but they will do an ultrasound every 6 months to keep and eye on it.  Hannah was in the hospital in December for intestinal issues.   After suffering for a couple of months with sinus headaches, she had 2 sinus surgeries in February.  Her diabetes has been extremely difficult to manage.  Her glucose continues to run high and we continue to work with her to get it under control.


At Hannah’s last CF appointment, Renee was amazed to see how grown up Hannah was with the Docs.  She answered all the questions from the CF Doc, the Diabetes Doc, the respiratory therapist and the dietician. Hannah can give the Docs her list of medications which is:  pulmozyme, hyper tonic  saline, and albuterol all inhaled medications, zenpep her pancreatic  enzyme, ursidol her liver medication, prilosec for her reflux, rhinocort for her sinuses, aquadek her vitamin, lantus her long acting insulin and humalog the insulin she takes when she eats carbs, miralax for her intestinal issues.   Plus test strips, lancets and pin needles Hannah has 15 prescriptions to fill each month.


With all that said, we are again asking for your support for our efforts to find a cure for Hannah by donating to our Great Strides campaign.  You can donate on line by going to our website: and click on one of our links to the CF Foundation donation sight.  Or you can mail a check to our house:  5655 Santa Fe Trail, Mason, OH  45040.  


We would love to see you at one of the walks.  Mason’s walk is Saturday, May 5, at 9:00am at Pine Hills Lake Park and Cincinnati at Sawyer Point on Saturday May, 19 at 9:00am.


The CF Foundation is making tremendous progress toward a cure.  A small part of the CF population is benefiting from a new drug, Kalydeco but Hannah is not a part of that group.  Hannah has the most common gene mutation.  There are similar drugs that will help Hannah currently in research.  Now more than ever your donation is needed to fund research.


Thank you for your continued support.


The Donoghues

Tom, Renee, Tommy and Hannah